Amegy Women’s Initiative

Our Mission Statement:

The Women’s Initiative’s mission is to attract, expand and strengthen client relationships with women in all Amegy Bank markets through educational, networking and entertainment venues.  Internally, the Initiative works to support the career development and retention of Amegy’s early and mid-career women professionals in client facing roles. 

Amegy’s Women’s Initiative was founded in 2004 with a mission of enhancing the growth and success of women. Focused on providing women opportunities for networking, education and personal development for women in the community, Amegy’s Women’s Initiative hosts events designed to support business owners, executives and professionals, women of wealth and women of affluence. Through sponsored luncheons, tours, seminars and socials, Amegy’s Women’s Initiative helps provide women with the information they need to achieve their business, personal and financial goals.

The Women’s Initiative is focused on reaching women clients and prospects in every area of our business, and has several subcommittees that stretch across our business lines and the markets we serve, including Dallas, San Antonio, Diverse Markets, Fort Bend County, Business Banking and Montgomery County. 

In addition to providing opportunities for clients and potential clients of the bank, Amegy’s Women’s Initiative offers professional development and business development opportunities for its women bankers. Amegy’s Women’s Initiative created the early career and mid-career subcommittees to help the Bank’s early and mid-career women in client facing roles to network and connect with senior women within the bank.  

For more information about the Amegy Women's Initiative, please contact Paige Martin.

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