Message from Human Resources

Everyone Counts

It is a familiar concept around the bank – reaching Amegy’s goal of becoming the leading bank in Texas requires our team to run a marathon, not a sprint. For more than 20 years, Amegy has been dedicated to this concept – growing customer and employee relationships one by one. We realize that in order to be a great bank for Texas, we also need to develop meaningful and successful careers for our employees.

At Amegy, we work hard to create an environment where all employees have the opportunity to grow their career while contributing to the success of the company. Amegy offers resources for career development, including training and mentorship programs, is committed to recognizing the successes of its employees through a number of recognition tools, and supports employees’ involvement in their communities through its bankwide volunteerism policy.

Still, what employees seem to appreciate most about Amegy is a simple idea that began the day the bank was founded: Everyone Counts at Amegy. This “open-door” culture encourages employees to speak up when an issue needs to be addressed, to seek learning and growth opportunities, and to ultimately help develop an environment in which they can personally thrive.

“Everyone Counts” is one of Amegy’s five core values and a reason the bank has been able to recruit and retain so many of its talented team members. From the bank’s executive management team to our employees on the frontlines, we are certain that this culture will continue to sustain Amegy for years to come. And, we hope you will consider being a part of it.