Affinity Group Banking

Our clients work hard to care for their employees. 

Fortunately, so do we.

As an Affinity Group Banking participant, your employees receive outstanding benefits.

Employee Benefits Include

  • Primary Checking Account – monthly maintenance fee waived1
  • Savings Account – monthly maintenance fee waived on one (1) account
  • Free Amegy Bank Exclusive Design Checks for primary checking account
  • Free non-Amegy ATM transactions from any nationwide ATM2
  • Free Cashiers Checks
  • Free American Express® Travelers Cheques for One
For more information on our Affinity Group Banking program, call an Amegy Banker today!

1 Excludes Student Checking.
2 Includes only the Non-Amegy fee, additional surcharges may be assessed by other ATM owners. International transaction (outside of the U.S.) fees will apply.