All of the cash management services you need. At one very affordable price.

With Amegy Business Solutions. we are providing your business with essential large corporate banking capabilities customized to your needs and packaged at one affordable monthly price[cite::2154::cite]. We've included services such as Treasury Internet Banking, fraud protection tools, remote deposits, wire transfers, and more - with personal service from the bankers you know and trust. Saving you time and money. 


Business Checking

Enroll up to three Amegy Business Checking Accounts and receive up to 3 deposited item returns per month at no cost. Check out the options.

Treasury Internet Banking

The ability to access your financial data quickly and easily is vital. Amegy Bank's Treasury Internet Banking - our next generation online banking platform - provides a simple and efficient way to manage your account information. giving you the best in payment origination and reporting capabilities. 

Benefits and Features

  • Account Reporting
  • Statements
  • Payment/Collection Solutions
  • Stop Payments
  • Internal Book Transfers 
  • Up to 3 Stop Payments per month at no cost. 
  • Import/Export Capabilities
  • Convenient Mobile Access
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Self-Administration
Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Allows you to initiate electronic transactions through the ACH Network. This allows you to distribute funds to your own accounts. to your vendors' accounts, or even to your employees' accounts for Payroll and Expense Reimbursements. You can also consolidate cash from your own accounts at other institutions or collect payment from your customers' accounts. 

Benefits and Features

  • Improve Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Improve Funds Availability
  • Expedite Collection of Receivables
  • Minimize Administrative Tasks
  • Lower Risk
  • Reduce Costs 
  • Convenient 
  • Faster Payments 
  • Payment Types Supported
    • Loan payments
    • Homeowner association fees
    • Vendor payments
    • Insurance Premiums
  • Payroll Direct Deposits
Remote Deposit Capture

With this check clearing application you have the ability to scan and electronically submit checks for deposit using a computer or a mobile device.

Benefits and Features

  • Improved Funds Availability 
  • Extended Deposit Window 
  • Reduced Administrative Costs 
  • Streamlined Operations 
Domestic Wires

Transfer funds quickly and conveniently for immediate funds availability for your business partners. Send and receive up to 5 domestic wires per month. included.

Benefits and Features

  • Easy Online Initiation
  • Expanded Security Features
  • Funds Transfer Flexibility
    • Repetitive and Future-Dated
    • Drawdown
    • International
Positive Pay

Reduce the risk of fraudulent activity to your account with Positive Pay. Amegy Bank will reconcile your list of issued checks against checks presented for payment. ACH Positive Pay also helps secure your accounts from unauthorized electronic debits. 

Benefits and Features

  • Reduce Fraud 
  • Improved Control 
  • Easy to Use 
  • Lower Administrative Cost 
  • Self-Reconciliation 
  • Streamlined User Maintenance