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Pay with Just a Touch

Connect your Amegy Bank Visa® credit and debit card to Apple PayTM and make fast, easy payments from your iPhone 6®, iPad Air®, iPad mini 3TM or Apple WatchTM. Now accepted in hundreds of stores and apps, Apple PayTM gives you the power to use your favorite cards, without the hassle of carrying a wallet.

Keep Your Data More Secure

Apple PayTM encrypts your Amegy Bank Visa® card information, which means it's not shared with merchants. Instead, each payment is completed with a unique code. You'll simply hold your device up to a contactless card reader and use your passcode or your TouchIDTM thumbprint to authorize the transaction.


Getting Started is Simple

Enable Apple PayTM for your Amegy Bank card in three steps:

For Phones & Tablets
  1.  Update your Apple device to the latest version of iOS.
  2.  Open Passbook® on your device and follow the instructions to add your card.
  3.  Visit Settings > Passbook & Apple Pay to set it as your default Apple PayTM card.

For Apple WatchTM
  1.  Update your Apple iPhone to the latest version of iOS.
  2.  Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and choose to add a card.
  3.  In the app or by visiting Settings > Passbook & Apple Pay, be sure to set your default Apple PayTM card.

More Benefits for AmaZing
TM Cardholders

While you use Apple PayTM to make purchases with your mobile phone or tablet, you can also take advantage of Amegy AmaZing DealsTM. Plus, you'll still enjoy the same great credit card perks.

  • AmaZing Rewards® - earn reward points on every purchase
  • AmaZing Cash® - earn cash back on every purchase
  • AmaZing Rate® - enjoy your lowest credit card interest rate

Explore Amegy Bank AmaZing credit cards:




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