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For many Texas businesses, operating in the largest exporting state means success depends on robust international trade, making the need for trade finance expertise stronger than ever. Our experienced professionals understand global marketplace complexities and are committed to helping customers prosper in this international arena.

Export Trade Finance

  • Amegy is an Ex-Im Working Capital Super-Delegated Lender and can use this program to provide your company the pre-export working capital necessary to successfully complete an export order. We can use our authority to commit up to $10MM per transaction, which is the highest level of authority awarded to a bank. Furthermore, Amegy bank is one of ten Fast Track Lenders in the U.S. and we can use this power to expedite approval of an Ex-Im working capital loan up to $25MM.
  • Amegy utilizes programs of the Export-Import Bank of the U.S. (Ex-Im) and private insurers to provide both short-term and medium-term financing to your customers.

Export Trade Services

  • Export letters of credit (LC) provide an assurance of payment based upon presentation of conforming documents.
  • Our letter of credit experts can assist with letter of credit structure.
  • Amegy may confirm your export letters of credit to eliminate the risk of non-payment by a foreign bank.
  • Onsite LC negotiation saves your company the hassle and the cost of dealing with impersonal out-of-state banks.
  • Export documentary collections give you control over your exported goods until payment has been received by your customer’s bank.

Standby Letters of Credit

Amegy can issue standby letters of credit to support your financial performance and warranty obligations as well as local issuance of bid/performance bonds.
  • Standby Letter of Credit
  • Documentary Letter of Credit

Import Trade Services

  • Import letters of credit minimize payment risk and help protect your company against non-shipment.
  • Our onsite Letters of Credit Department can structure, issue and negotiate your import letters of credit.
  • Electronic issuance via our Internet-based LC system reduces paperwork and provides your company with real-time tracking and reporting.
  • Import documentary collections help you control your payment until goods are received.

Import Trade Finance

  • Import lines of credit and trade cycle finance
  • Finance imports with cost-effective banker’s acceptance financing

For further information on our International Banking services, please contact TJ Raguso at 1-800-391-6447 or email us at international@amegybank.com.

Letters Of Credit: ZFNBUS55HOU

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