SBA Loan Program

When you need flexibility, we'll make it happen.

What is an SBA Loan Guaranty Program?  

The Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan Guaranty Program provides a supplementary guarantor for a business loan funded by Amegy Bank.

Why Amegy Bank?  

At Amegy Bank, some of our most successful clients have utilized the SBA Loan Guaranty Program.  With our team of dedicated Amegy Bankers, we customize and tailor loan programs to meet your business needs.  Let us show you how our ability and agility simplifies the loan process. Amegy Bank is a Preferred SBA Lender, the highest designation awarded by the SBA. 

With an SBA Guaranty Loan we can offer:  

  • The ability to preserve and build working capital  
  • Longer repayment terms  
  • Lower down payments – as little as 10% down  
  • Lower debt service requirements  
  • Flexible collateral parameters  
  • Flexible financial and reporting requirements  
  • Financing for Exports  
  • Competitive rates  

Amegy Bank offers an array of SBA Products to help build and, or grow your company.

All SBA loans are originated and serviced through Amegy Bank.