Payables and Risk Management

Cost-effective solutions to manage payments

  • Treasury Internet Banking
  • Automated Clearing House
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Card Services
  • Integrated Payables
  • Same Day ACH
  • Controlled Disbursements: Designed to provide accurate disbursement totals early each day. With the knowledge of exact disbursement funding requirements, maximum utilization of funds can be achieved.
  • Outsourced Disbursements: Provides your business with more efficient and effective ways to process large volumes of payables to reduce the associated expenses of disbursement management.
  • Tax Payments: Handle tax deposits in a fast and easy manner by converting the current paper-based tax payment system into an electronic system.
  • Escrow Account Services: An automated way to manage and maintain your clients' escrow deposits and settlement accounts efficiently.

Other Specialized Solutions You May Want to Consider: