Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Originating and Receiving Payments Electronically

With the current number of checks cleared annually at well over 65 billion, the volume of paper transactions continues to increase. While the traditional check clearing system functions well, the Automated Clearing House (ACH) can provide greater efficiency. ACH provides a reliable, efficient and cost-effective system for originating and receiving payments electronically.

Cash Concentration Services

The Cash Concentration Service provides better monitoring and control of funds and allows companies with locations, subsidiaries or depository banks across the country to move funds into a single bank account.

Electronic concentration allows you to move funds from multiple depository locations into a single, easily monitored cash pool. You can then make the best possible use of total available cash assets.


  • Transfer cost and data reporting costs are reduced.
  • Your local managers can make deposits into banks logistically suited to their offices yet concentrate to Amegy Bank of Texas with a minimum of effort on their part.
  • Cash flow forecasting is much more certain, resulting in better cash management and enhanced profitability.
  • Your company can maintain and add to their list of locations without interfacing with the bank or a vendor.

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