Anytime Deposits® (Remote Capture)

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Anytime Deposits is a revolutionary electronic check processing tool that allows you to make check deposits electronically without having to physically transport checks to the bank.


Improved Funds Availability

Typically, the funds from deposited checks are not available to your business until those checks have cleared, which can take 2-5 business days. Anytime Deposits accelerates the process by clearing out-of-state checks during the same or next business day.

Extended Deposit Window

Deposits can be made beyond traditional banking hours and on weekends. In addition, you no longer have to take time to drive to the bank.

Reduced Deposit Preparation Costs

Labor-intensive manual deposit preparation time is eliminated, and research time and storage is reduced through the use of the stored digital images.

Streamlined Operations

Clients can consolidate regional or nationwide deposits to a single account, thereby substantially reducing deposit collection costs. Consequently, physical transportation costs are dramatically reduced or                 eliminated entirely.

Reduced Risk of Fraud

Accelerated check clearing reduces the risk of fraud. It allows returned items to be identified sooner, thus enhancing the collection process.

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