Safely accept checks

When you don’t accept checks, you limit yourself and your business because checks still represent over 30% of the payments taken by merchants. Higher check acceptance means increased sales. With a check processing service like CrossCheck, you can increase your profits by reducing losses on bad checks.

Check processing verification and guaranty allows you to reduce liability and increase sales by safely accepting checks from millions of individuals with checking accounts. Our check service provider uses leading technology and information systems to offer fast check approval, allowing you to accept checks quickly and confidently.


  • Higher approval rates and faster approval times
  • Approves or declines checks like credit card transactions—without operator referrals or complicated           code systems
  • Handles U.S. and Canadian checks
  • Accepts business checks for all services
  • Provides a simple “no form” claim submittal
  • Offers free 24/7 help desk and customer support for both technical and transaction assistance

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