Deposit Reconciliation

Make life easier...automatically reconcile deposits

Amegy Bank of Texas Deposit Reconciliation Program provides state-of-the-art functionality so you can take control of location deposits and manage your assets more effectively and efficiently.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce or eliminate in-house reconciliation process
  • Manage your business cash flow more effectively with the analytical information we can provide you
  • Choose from a variety of reconciliation reports including:
    • Deposit by Ticket Location: summarizes deposits per day, per location
    • Undefined Location Deposits: lists transactions with undefined location numbers
    • Deposit Recap: provides a deposit count and total per location per day
    • Deposit Detail: provides a list of each deposit per location per day
    • Electronic Credit Transactions: lists electronic deposits to the account
    • No Deposit Activity: lists locations with no deposit activity
    • Reconcile large volumes of statements on a weekly basis*

* Weekly reconciliation is available for large volume client accounts that receive weekly statements.

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