Lockbox Services

Helping You Expedite Collections

Let Amegy Bank of Texas show you how to expedite your business' collections and improve the level of detail for your incoming receipts. We'll help you find the right solution for your business.

  Retail Lockbox Wholesale Lockbox

How It Works

A cost-effective, locally based solution to help expedite for low-dollar/high-volume payments like utility bills, health club dues, insurance and more.

Our state-of-the-art scanning technology captures data used to update your accounts receivable system.

Wholesale Lockbox allows incoming payments (including credit card payments) to bypass your corporate office and come directly to the bank reducing your mail, processing, and collection float. 

How You Benefit
  • Delivers improved receivables float
  • Reduces staff processing time
  • Increases audit controls
  • Efficient mail receipt and processing.
  • Expedited check collection and availability of funds.
  • Timely and accurate communication of remittance details.

  • Data Transmission and Integration services take the information contained on your lockbox items and transmits their information to you as a file that will post directly to your receivable system.
  • Imaging and Archive Services eliminates the need for receiving paper copies of checks or invoices. Instead, receive images via electronic files delivered in multiple formats such as CD-ROM, image file and via web delivery. 

Other Specialized Solutions You May Want to Consider: