Introducing Our Commercial Card Account Manager Team

Teresa and Holly

 Two dedicated Account Managers support Amegy Bank  clients who  enjoy the advantages of our commercial card  services. Teresa  Thomas and Holly Inman work side-by-side  with our clients to keep  them informed and to identify ways to  grow their commercial card  programs.  

 As subject matter experts and primary contacts for the  commercial  card program, Account Managers are part of the  initial  implementation process. They conduct product training sessions,  perform regular program reviews, manage special growth projects, and facilitate revenue share payments. Account Managers also assist with networking within the Bankcard Services and Treasury Management teams. 

Teresa Thomas (pictured on the left) has supported Amegy Bank’s commercial card clients for the past 3½ years. She has worked for the Bank for ten years. Prior to supporting Amegy Bank clients, she was a small business owner with several printing and office supply stores. She handled all the office management, accounting, and tax preparation duties associated with the business. Her experience makes her a valuable resource. She supports commercial card clients in San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston.

Holly Inman is the newest member of the team. She has over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry. Prior to joining the Bankcard Services team, she worked as a Product Manager and was responsible for the development and management of a range of consumer, small business, and commercial products.  She is pleased to focus on supporting Amegy’s Houston-based commercial card clients.

Both Account Managers encourage program participants to optimize card spend in order to improve efficiencies and increase revenue. Teresa and Holly are eager to help clients accomplish their goals and objectives related to their commercial card programs.  


Now Accepting Credit Cards for Account Analysis Fees

TA21589_CommCardMap_Amegy_EMV_v02You can now use your credit card to pay for services calculated on your Account Analysis statement. Amegy Bank proudly offers business and commercial card programs to our qualified clients to pay for travel and entertainment, manage fleet programs, and pay suppliers.  Since Amegy Bank is a supplier of Treasury Management services, we are excited to offer credit cards as a payment option to our business clients who use Account Analysis.

To begin paying for services with a credit card, contact your Relationship Manager or Treasury Management Officer. You will be sent an authorization form to complete and return.  The monthly fee for the service will be rolled into your Account Analysis calculation, and around the 20th of each month, Amegy Bank will initiate a credit card payment for the amount of the fees owed.  Once the payment is initiated, you will receive an email at the address designated by your authorized account signer that indicates the amount charged to your credit card.  Monthly fees vary, so see your Treasury Management Officer for full details. 

With this new credit card service, you can enjoy the benefits of paying with a credit card, including tracking payments on your credit card statement, earning credit towards possible rebates, and extending your Days Payable Outstanding.

Manage Business on the Go - AmegyConnect® Mobile

amegyconnectYou can now manage your business conveniently from our AmegyConnect® Mobile* app.

AmegyConnect® Mobile app has several key features that equip you to manage your business anytime and anywhere.

Reporting:  View current and previous day balances and transactions.
Transfers:   Initiate transfers between Amegy accounts.
Approvals:   Approve ACH and time-sensitive wire payments.
Security:  Multi-layer security features are the same as AmegyConnect®.

AmegyConnect® Mobile is compatible with existing, popular Apple® and Android® mobile devices and operating systems.  Contact your Treasury Management Officer for more information and to enroll.

*Mobile banking requires enrollment in online banking. Standard usage fees from your wireless provider may apply.


technology In June, Amegy Bank hosted “Trends in Treasury Technology        Seminar:  A Client Panel Discussion” at the Junior League of  Houston.  Amegy Bank’s Treasury Management team, along  with an expert panel  of clients, discussed the latest trends in    treasury technology. 


Mary Murray, Group EVP, Treasury Management, Trust Services & Investments, CTP, Amegy Bank
Karen Sasser, Senior Vice President & Product Management Manager, CTP, Zions Bancorporation
Robert Proctor, PCC, Director of Accounting, Harris County
Frannie Parker, Treasury Supervisor, Oasis Petroleum
Lonnie Smith, Managing Member, Turnco, LLC
Joe Rosenberger, CPA, Finance Controller, Murphy’s Corporate Lodging


Latest Statistics and Trends – Companies continue to pursue innovative treasury management solutions to help achieve operational efficiency.

• Checks make up 40% of consumer bill payments at large U.S. businesses, while ACH transactions account for 27% and card payments 15%.  (Source: Aite Group.)

• 70% of business-to-business (B2B) payments are made by check.  (Source: Aite Group.)

• 50% of U.S. companies are negatively impacted by inconsistent payment handling due to multiple tender types and lack of real-time remittance reporting.  (Source: Aite Group.)

• Mobile wasn’t a fad!  Mobile offerings continue to be enhanced and now include the following features: approvals (ACH, Wire, User, Positive Pay, and Lockbox Exceptions), alerts, authentication, payments, deposits, and eCommerce.

• During the seminar, Amegy Bank utilized real-time polling by text technology in order to receive immediate feedback on certain topics.  
Are you a fan of the Houston Texans?
I am a RAVING FAN! 88%
Not so much 12%

Have you experienced payment fraud in the past 12 months?
Yes 65%
No 35%

Have you integrated Commercial Cards into either your AP or AR strategies?
No 48%
Yes – AP  5%
Yes – AR  6%
Yes – Both 11%

Latest Developments in Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Processing – The client panel discussed the benefits of automated and innovative receivable and payment solutions.• Check volumes continue to remain strong, resulting in a continued need for automated check processing solutions.

• Automated solutions such as Remote Deposit Capture and Lockbox processing create efficiencies, speed up the overall check collection process, and provide a wide array of information reporting options.

• Online receivable and credit card processing solutions provide an alternate method of payment for your customers by accepting their credit and debit cards.  In addition, you are able to increase the level of security in transaction processing, and you can receive deposited funds on an expedited basis.

• Outsourcing Check Print and ACH Conversion solutions continue to offer an innovative way to process checks for accounts payable and other payments by simply sending one file with full payment instructions.  By outsourcing this process, you streamline the entire check issuing process and are able to redeploy resources to other parts of their treasury operation.   

• Commercial Card Solutions offer an automated option to manage all types of expenses related to travel and entertainment, fleet, fuel, and general vendor payments.  These programs are comprehensive and allow you to control spending, participate in a revenue sharing program, integrate payment systems, increase purchasing power, and take advantage of electronic expense reporting.

• Commercial Card Solutions give the ability to work directly with vendors to negotiate for more favorable terms.  

Issues Related to Security and Fraud Prevention – The client panel discussed the latest security threats and fraud schemes.  

Email Hacking:  Fraudsters hack email systems and steal email addresses.  Then they send the treasury team a fraudulent email, supposedly from an internal colleague who is authorized to provide payment instructions, and ask the treasury team to send a large wire.  A treasury team that is utilizing dual control in initiating and approving wires on computers protected by IBM ® Security Trusteer Rapport ™ Software has additional layers of protection to deal with this type of fraud.  All requests for payments should be confirmed by performing callbacks, and everyone should install Trusteer Rapport Software to deter fraud.
Accounts Payable Fraud: Companies receive instructions via email and letter to change vendor payment account information. Some instructions have been fraudulent, and companies have unwittingly wired payments to fraudsters. To prevent this type of fraud, institute telephone (not email) verification with your vendor on any changes to payment instructions.  Be sure to use phone numbers on file and not phone numbers provided in the communication.

Account Takeovers: While attempting to access AmegyConnect®, a company user with payment authorization rights received a message stating they were locked out and that another user should log into their workstation to unlock access. When another user, with payment authorization rights, logged into the first user’s computer (which unbeknownst to them was infected with a virus), the fraudster swept information from the two users and initiated and approved a wire for $1,495,000 to China. To prevent such fraud, one user should never log into another user’s computer. If you receive an unusual or unexpected message, contact Amegy Technical Support.

Best Practices - A list of best practices in fraud prevention that includes the use of dual control, Positive Pay with Payee Match, and Trusteer Rapport Software was distributed at the seminar. For a copy, contact Treasury Management.

The seminar included valuable educational information and was approved for 1.5 CTP/CCM recertification credits by the Association for Financial Professionals.   

To view the presentation, click here

Amegy Bank is dedicated to providing your organization with innovative treasury management solutions to help you achieve operational efficiency and to help mitigate the risk and impact of fraud. Now is the time to seek advice from your Amegy banker and to discuss efficiency solutions for your organization and protection for your business accounts.  

We enjoyed seeing those of you who attended the seminar.  And according to feedback, it proved to be a productive and educational session for attendees. We look forward to continuing our partnership with all of you and assisting with your banking needs. 

  • Separate payment initiation and approval. These tasks should be performed by separate individuals at separate computers. Even if your company entrusts one person with making payments, separating the process into two tasks will mitigate risk since this tactic prohibits a hacker from executing a virus on a single machine to change and submit a payment.
  • Ensure the security token (or similar software) used to log into a system to initiate payments is a separate token from the one used to approve the payments.
  • Separate the initial set up and maintenance of users and entitlements into two tasks:  entry and approval. This will prohibit one person from being able to set up a fictitious user along with potentially fraudulent money movement templates.
  • Ensure file uploads and imports are done with dual control (import/upload with separate approval).

Recent skirmishes in the war against cyber fraud include hacking into a system, introducing a virus through an email message, and disguising an email address (changing one letter) to look like it came from a company executive. Along with dual control, be armed with callbacks to known telephone numbers to verify all payment instructions.

As new battles are instigated by our cyber foes, we are committed to joining forces with you to ensure the safest environment possible. Amegy Bank Treasury Management is positioned to offer advice and answer questions. Please do not hesitate to engage us. 

Corporate Investigations: A Holistic Approach
Does your company have money to lose to corporate identity thieves?

 On June 17, 2015, Amegy Bank Dallas hosted a fraud seminar in the  Amegy  Bank headquarters.

 • Fred Bennett, Director of Forensic Investigations, Crowe Horwath  LLP
 • Mary Murray, Group EVP, Treasury Management, Trust Services &  Investments, CTP, Amegy Bank


Investigations:  Fred Bennett shared tips for a successful investigation.  The investigating team should develop a preliminary strategy, approach, and plan that includes designating the investigating team, identifying the issue, determining impact, gathering intelligence, considering regulatory requirements, et al.

Interviews:  Interviews are the most important part of the investigation.  Somebody knows the important details, and ultimately, no one can keep a secret even if they are silent. Someone’s reaction can be a tell-tale sign.  

Collecting Evidence:  Mr. Bennett explained how to establish an evidence collection process that will be respected in federal and state courts.  Reports should identify the events leading up to the investigation, detail the investigation procedures, summarize the factual findings, and recommend potential remedial actions.
Current Fraud Trends:  Mary Murray shared recent bank fraud schemes that included stories of actual bank clients who have fallen prey to cyber thieves.  Schemes include email that looks like it is from an executive within the company, letters and emails that look like they are account number changes from an established vendor, and system hacking that creates a screen that appears to be from the bank.

Safe Practices:  Dual control on two separate computers is important. Attendees were encouraged to use Trusteer Rapport and other multi-layered protection software, and they were advised on what to look for when encountering a suspicious website.

Preventative Solutions: Simple solutions to protect against fraudsters include Positive Pay with Payee Match, ACH Positive Pay, outsourcing receivables and check issuance, taking advantage of notification alerts, etc.

Amegy Bank enjoyed hosting the event, and we thank those of you who attended.  Feel free to reach out to your Amegy Bank Treasury Management officer for more information. 



Dallas Association of Financial Professional (DAFP) Big D Financial Conference  
September 17, 2015 l Irving, TX

The DAFP is the professional association of choice for individuals in Treasury and Financial careers in Dallas and surrounding areas.  DAFP is also one of five Texas regional organizations in the Alliance of Texas Treasury Associations that hosts TEXPO every five years. DAFP is a gateway to education, relationship building, social events, financial news, information, and community updates. 
For more information, visit:

Houston Treasury Management Association (HTMA) Conference l September 22, 2015  
Union Station l Houston, TX

HTMA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the Treasury Management profession in the Houston area. The Space City Cash Conference is a half-day, afternoon event with presenters discussing a variety of technical topics in the field of Treasury Management.  With such a wide range of educational content, attendees are equipped with ideas to implement immediately.  Amegy is pleased to be a sponsor of this event that will be filled with educational and networking opportunities. Attendees can earn up to 4 CPE/CTP continuing education credits.
For more information, visit:

Association of Financial Professionals (AFP) Conference | October 18-21, 2015 | Denver, CO

The AFP Annual Conference brings together more than 6,500 treasury and finance professionals.  Amegy Bank participates in the educational and networking events at this conference.  This year the theme is “Solutions for a More Complex World.”  Increasingly complex information about individuals, trends, transactions, etc. is available more quickly than ever before.  Attend to learn practical solutions to everyday business challenges.
If you plan to attend, we encourage you to contact your Treasury Management Officer or Amegy Banker so we can include you in our Amegy Bank event communication.
For more information, visit: 

San Antonio Seminar | November 4, 2015 | San Antonio, TX

Join us for a comprehensive discussion of current fraud trends.

Some of the topics will include:
• Check Fraud
• Electronic Transfer Fraud
• Cyber Fraud

Contact your Treasury Management Officer for more details.