Business Value

Your company can realize the benefits of proactive foreign exchange management by collaborating with our knowledgeable and experienced professionals.  If you have cross border flows as a part of your regular business, intentional management of your foreign currency exposure, you can derive benefit from:

  • Enhanced protection against currency appreciation or depreciation
  • Preservation of international business revenues
  • Broad range of risk mitigation services
  • Stronger negotiating power with international suppliers and customers
  • Improved accessibility to new overseas markets for business growth
  • Intentional management of FX rates



We understand the complex concerns that a company experienced in foreign exchange may have. We also support our customers that have smaller or less complicated transactions and will invest the time to ensure your needs are met. You will receive helpful market advice, efficient execution of your trades and competitive pricing. Our firm commitment to our clients ensures each receives the excellent level of service that Amegy Bank is proud to provide.

  • Personalized service as each client has access to an FX Advisor with expertise in a wide range of services, including hedging and derivative products.  
  • Work directly with an FX Advisor, utilize our online trading system, eFX+, or a combination of both.



Our foreign exchange team is dedicated to providing your business with the appropriate solutions to manage your cross-border transactions and foreign exchange risk. We cover all major and many minor currencies, encompassing more than 95% of global trade volumes. We provide clients with several foreign exchange delivery channels. eFX+ is our dynamic online dealing system that offers live rates, repetitive instruction templates and self-directed administration. We provide a quick and straight-forward alternative for initiating FX wires. 

  • Spot Transactions
  • Forwards, Window Forwards
  • FX Swaps
  • Foreign Currency Drafts
  • Non-Deliverable Forwards
  • FX Options
  • Client-centered Hedging Solutions
  • 100+ currencies available