Features and Benefits

  • Automated Investing: Once you set a target balance with your Treasury Management Representative, the account process is fully automated. Your commercial checking account activity is posted before the investment is processed, so only the funds in excess of the target balance are transferred into the sweep investment. If your commercial checking account falls below the target balance, funds are automatically swept back into your commercial checking account to meet your daily cash needs and bring your account back up to its target balance.
  • Liquidity: Since sweep investments provide daily liquidity, the program is designed to provide access to your funds during normal business hours.
  • Yield: The automated sweep investment service provides you the opportunity to earn competitive market rates on excess funds that might otherwise remain idle in your commercial checking account.
  • Investment Options: You may select from a variety of money market mutual funds.  The main objective of a money market mutual fund is the stability of the principal. Money market mutual funds invest in shorter term securities and seek to maintain a stable net asset value (NAV) of $1.00 per share.
  • Online Reporting: Our online banking platform provides timely and accurate information on your sweep investments allowing you to better manage your daily financial position.