Why Amegy Bank?

We offer a simple, fast and cost-effective financing process. To help reduce the risk of non-repayment associated with financing, we allow vendors to recognize cash flow in its entirety as soon as the transaction closes and funds.


Our professionals stand ready to support you and your clients’ transactions with valuable experience in the following areas:


Customized Financing Programs Credit/Underwritting

  • Strong product background
  • Flexible programs & payment structure
  • Taxable, tax-exempt/fixed, variable rates
  • Knowledge of exception issues


Documentation and Funding

  • Low borrowing cost solutions
  • Fast funding
  • Expedited documentation
  • Knowledge of state-specific issues which could impact your business
  • Dedicated contract experience



  • Ongoing training and sales support for your staff
  • Development of custom programs, shows, new product roll-outs, special pricing and marketing materials
  • Participation in conferences and tradeshows with your team


We provide competitive financing programs with personal attention and a fast turnaround for vendors of any size. While you help your customers choose the equipment they need, Amegy Bank Municipal Finance will help them quickly and efficiently finance it.


For more information, contact:

Michael Weir



Kristen Billings