Worklife Banking

Connecting you and your employees to outstanding benefits.

With WorkLife Banking from Amegy Bank, you can help your employees reach their financial goals by providing them with the outstanding benefits offered through this exclusive package – all at no cost to you.


  • Reduced Payroll Administration Costs. WorkLife Banking encourages employees to participate in your direct deposit program, simplifying payroll processing and administration, and reducing
    related costs.
  • Promotional Materials Made for You. Amegy Bank will provide you with customized WorkLife Banking materials to help generate employee interest in the program. Just let us know your preferred method of delivery.
  • New Employee Orientations. Invite Amegy to your new-employee orientation event or benefit fair, and we’ll detail the benefits, options and features of Amegy’s WorkLife Banking program, plus provide guidance in completing direct deposit and other forms.
  • Fast and Easy On-Site Sign-ups. Amegy Bank is pleased to come to your place of business equipped with all the information and paperwork needed to help employees begin the account-opening process.
  • Linked Access for Employees. Connect your employees with easy-to-use planning tools, financial calculators and more by providing a link to the WorkLife Banking program on your company’s intranet.




Ready to help your employees reach their financial goals? Contact us or visit a banking center today.