On the field or off,

there is no progress without growth.

At Amegy Bank®, we’re committed to growth—growth for our clients, their businesses and their families. The depth of that commitment is reflected in our employees, which has resulted in the long list of homegrown Amegy Bank leaders you see before you. 

Meet with an Amegy banker today and see what our experienced team of homegrown talent can do to help you reach your financial goals. 

Amegy Bank. Here, you grow.

Dave Stevenson
Houston Region
Amegy Bank 
Steve Stephens
Amegy Bank 
Telisa Shead
SVP, Private
Banking Manager 
Bill O'Brien
Head Coach of the
Houston Texans
Laif Afseth
Amegy Bank
April Bailey
EVP, Commercial
Lending Manager
Gary Justice
EVP, Commercial
Lending Manager
Walter Johnson
Senior Chairman
Amegy Bank

"Amegy Bank fields the right team for your financial success."

See why Coach Bill O'Brien, of the Houston Texans, chooses Amegy Bank.

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