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You Aren’t the Boss of Me: Resolving Sibling Disputes in the Family Business  Register
Thursday, March 5, 2015
11:00 a.m. CT

The transfer of business leadership from founder to children can often be infected with sibling rivalry. The experiences of our childhood can scuttle our working relationships as adults. Featuring internationally known, leading experts on family-owned business, this webcast will answer questions that will help you prepare for the future of your company. Participants will be prepared to:

  • Understand the natural and normal tensions between siblings
  • Know what to expect when siblings work in a business together
  • Resolve sibling disputes within the family business  
Webcast cohosts from the Family Business Consulting Group:

Otis W. Baskin, Ph.D.
Baskin brings extensive international experience to his focus on management, governance and decision-making issues in family businesses. His primary expertise is in helping business-owning families develop plans for leadership succession, development of next generation leaders and family ownership structures. He was the founding director of the Family Business Forum at the University of Memphis and is a former dean of Pepperdine University. His latest book is Effective Leadership in the Family Business, co-authored with Craig Aronoff.

Dana Telford
Telford helps family business owners plan for succession and manage the complexities and opportunities that are inherent to family business. He specializes in succession planning, family governance, board effectiveness and conflict management. He earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and is a third-generation member of a commercial real estate firm. He co-authored the national best seller “The Integrity Advantage: How Taking the High Road Creates a Competitive Advantage in Business.”


On-Demand Webinars

Managing Conflict in a Family Business Watch

Did you know some conflicts can actually be beneficial? Managing conflict is challenging in any business setting—family business or not. The key is knowing how to leverage conflict into an advantage. The dynamics that produce conflict within a family simultaneously intersect with the challenges of owning and operating a business, potentially complicating both.

Financing Transitions in a Family Business Watch

Don’t get tricked into thinking you have limited options. If a family-owned company is to provide opportunities for future generations, it must plan both adequate shareholder liquidity and sufficient business capital. Learn how careful planning and sophisticated use of the growing collection of financial techniques can help you retain business control and make wise choices among many available alternatives.

Peformance Expectations, Evaluation and Compensation Watch
Without proper care and consideration, the process of agreeing to expectations and evaluating and rewarding performance in a family business may cause damaging disruption. Learn “best practices” from leading multigenerational business families that will help you more clearly define frameworks for determining an appropriate mix of salary, bonuses, benefits, perks and distributions.

Governance and Decision Making for the Business Owning Family Watch
Family business owners face unique complexities that, left unattended, could put the family’s business, wealth and relationships at risk. Learn “best practices” from leading multigenerational business families that produce effective governance for the business and unity in family relationships, paving the way for continued success.

Moral Agreements and Governance in Family Business Watch
An over reliance on legal solutions and documentation can leave a family with no place to turn other than court.  But there are tried and true “best practices” among leading multi-generational business families that produce effective governance for the business and unity in family relationships.  These practical processes and policies are true strengths that leading family businesses can use to develop alignment between Family, Owners and Management and pave the way for continued success.

The Ten Must-haves for Excellent Succession Planning Watch
Discover key steps for working through the emotional and rational sides of succession planning, agreements to put in place and processes for helping ensure success. Webinar features Otis W. Baskin, PhD and Dana Telford.

Making the Family Business Work Watch
As you plan for the future, should you keep the family business in the family? Watch this webinar to learn the pros and cons of passing the business along, key considerations for succsssion planning and steps to take if transitioning the business out of the family. Webinar features Otis W. Baskin, PhD and Dana Telford.











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