A Winning Streak
More Than 70 Years Running.

It all started with Melvin and Israel Tapick selling poultry back in 1944. Seventy three years later, Martin Poultry and Egg Company has grown to become Martin Preferred Foods.

Now in its third generation of Tapick family leadership, the company has really grown. According to Michael Tapick, Chairman of Martin Preferred Foods, the company’s success is due in no small part to Amegy Bank®.

“Amegy listens exceptionally well. Their knowledge of the food industry, their connections to resources that go beyond financial and their commitment to my success is just astounding.”

“Martin Preferred Foods has been a great client and a wonderful relationship,” says Steve Stephens, CEO of Amegy. “When you take the time to truly understand a person and their business—to know what makes them tick, what matters most in their life—you can’t help but want the best for them.”

Amegy Bank. Here, you grow.


"Amegy listens exceptionally well."

See why Michael Tappick, Chairman of Martin Preferred Foods, chooses Amegy Bank.

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