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Easy-to-use App

The power is in your hands with the OnCard mobile app and desktop version. Think of it as the command center for all card-related activity. From the app, you can:

icon-card@2xAdd money to your card

icon-calc@2xView balances, transactions, spending trends

icon-share@2xManage your account, which enables you to budget, share money and lock and unlock the card


Successful Budgeting

Budgeting isn’t always fun, but it’s essential. The good news is OnCard makes it easy—and realistic. The OnCard app helps you establish a budget based on your first month of actual spending, taking out some of the guesswork and wishful thinking that can sometimes accompany a budget. The card and app help you:

icon-budget@2xPlan a budget based on how you want to spend

icon-track@2xTrack your actual spending against your monthly budget

icon-cal@2xSee your spending trends month to month

icon-chart@2xAdjust your budget categories as necessary

Simple Money Sharing

OnCard lets you share the wealth. You can seamlessly transfer money to additional cardholders while maintaining visibility and controls. It's fast and easy. You can:

icon-cardholder@2xAdd a secondary cardholder and up to five additional cardholders

icon-transfer@2xTransfer money to and from additional cardholders

icon-activity@2xView activity for all cardholders

icon-lock@2xLock and unlock all cards


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