For Amegy Visa® Credit And Debit Cards

Amegy Mobile Card Fraud Alerts[cite::1217::cite]

Mobile Card Fraud Alerts is a two-way text communication generated by our internal Fraud Detection System based on what the bank may deem as a suspicious transaction. The Mobile Card Fraud Alert allows you to respond to the alert, which communicates with our Fraud Detection System. Responding to the alert saves you the time from having to contact the Customer Service Center for legitimate activity.  This free service will assist us in preventing fraudulent transactions on your cards. 

How it Works

  • Alerts are sent by text message to your mobile device.  
  • If a transaction(s) appears suspicious we will send you a text message, usually within minutes1, asking if the transaction(s) is fraudulent and we may place a block on your card.
  • Simply reply "Yes" or "No" letting us know if the transaction(s) is fraudulent.  
  • If you reply "Yes", to confirm fraud, a block will be placed on your card if it has not already been done. Contact Bankcard Customer Service immediately at 800-509-0806. If you reply "No", we will remove any block that may have been placed and you may continue using your credit or debit card. 
  • Reply "STOP" at any time to discontinue mobile fraud alerts.

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Amegy Card Alerts[cite::1217::cite]

Managing your Amegy Visa® Debit or Credit Card is easier with Card Alerts. Personalize your alerts by choosing the notifications you’d like to receive via email or SMS text.

  • Payment Reminders - Set reminders to notify you before your next payment is due. Also, receive alerts to track your automatic reoccurring payments.
  • Transaction Notifications - Custom settings allow you to select the transactions alerts you’d like to receive.
  • Spending Alerts - Manage spending with adjustable settings to notify you when spending exceeds your preferred threshold. 

Enrolling is Easy (and Free)

  1. Log into your Online Banking account
  2. With your card in hand, select “Card Alerts” under the Services Tab
  3. Follow the online instructions