Mobile Card Fraud Alerts

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At Amegy Bank, we have a team dedicated to detecting potential fraud on your account. If we notice suspicious credit or debit card transactions on your account, we call you to confirm if the transactions are fraudulent.

With the new Fraud Alert service, you now can be notified through a mobile text alert when there is potential fraud. This free service will assist us in preventing fraudulent transactions on your cards. Message and data charges from your service provider may apply. 

How it Works

  • Alerts are sent by text message to your mobile device.  
  • If a transaction(s) appears suspicious, we may place a block on your card and send you a text message asking if the transaction(s) is fraudulent. 
  • Simply reply "Yes" or "No" letting us know if the transaction(s) is fraudulent.  
  • If you reply "Yes", to confirm fraud, a block will be placed on your card if it has not already been done. Contact Bankcard Customer Service immediately at (800) 509-0806.  
  • If you reply "No", we will remove any block that may have been placed and you may continue using your credit or debit card.  
  • Reply "STOP" at any time to discontinue mobile fraud alerts.

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