Upgrade the way you pay now without fees. 

Popmoney® is a payment service that lets you send, receive, or request money from friends, family or just about anyone. If you have an email address or a mobile phone number, you can use Popmoney1. Access Popmoney from Online or Mobile Banking and easily move money from your bank account to others' virtually anywhere and at anytime. It's the new, paperless way to pay.

Email it, text it, pay it, and it's easy for your friends and family to use too at their bank or at popmoney.com. Go to Online Banking>Payments Tab>Popmoney to get started. From Mobile Banking, tab the Plus (+) button and then Popmoney.

How It Works

Once you're signed up, you can send or request money from your contacts. They'll be notified by email or text message that you wish to send money or are requesting money from them. And the best part is, you and your contacts will never need to exchange financial account information.

Features & Benefits

  • Send or request money through Mobile or Online Banking
  • Easily set-up recurring expenses for allowances, yard services or a baby sitter
  • Send money to just about anyone with only their name and email address or phone number

Important Details

Transactions Limits



    2-3 Day Delivery        Next Day Delivery    Instant Delivery
     Per Transactions        $2,000  $1,500  $1,500 
     Rolling 30 Day  $5,000 $3,000  $3,000 
     Outstanding* $5,000  $2,000   


  • Outstanding refers to the limit of an amount requested to send that is pending processing before another amount can be requested.
  • Request funds:  same limits as 2-3 day. Limit of 10 requests per day, 30 per month.
  • All request money fulfillments are delivered within the 2-3 day delivery model.


Fees for the following are currently waved:

  • Standard (2-3 Day Delivery)
  • Next-Day Delivery
  • Request Funds
  • Instant Delivery

However, there will still be a $35 fee for stop payment and a $0.25 fee for an eCard.


1 - Popmoney® personal payment services are provided through CheckFreePay Corporation and/or its affiliates. Popmoney is a registered trademark of Fiserv, Inc. or its affiliates. See your Popmoney Service Agreement for complete details. Popmoney service fees apply. Available services are subject to change without notice. Standard text message and data rates from your mobile phone carrier may apply.