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A good option to keep your principal balance safe from market fluctuations while receiving a competitive rate of interest.


TermInterest RateAnnual Percentage Yield
7-27 DAYS.20%.20%
1-2 MONTHS.20%.20%
3-5 MONTHS.20%.20%
6-8 MONTHS.25%.25%
9-11 MONTHS.30%.30%
12-17 MONTHS2.17%2.20%
18-23 MONTHS.44%.45%
24-35 MONTHS2.17%2.20%
36-47 MONTHS.74%.75%
48-59 MONTHS.79%.80%
60 MONTHS.99%1.00%

Account Details

Minimum opening deposit: $100,000

Term: up to 5 years

Monthly maintenance fee: $0

Interest rate: fixed rate, compounded daily

Frequency of Credit to Account:
(Payment Frequency can be changed at customer request to monthly or annually)  
Less than 12 months - At Maturity
12 months or greater - Quarterly
Withdrawals: Substantial penalty for early withdrawal

Minimum Balance Required to Obtain Advertised APY: $100,000

1 Your mobile carrier’s text messaging and data charges may apply. Standard bank fees under other agreements still apply.

* Annual Percentage Yield (APY*) is accurate as of date viewed only and assumes interest remains on deposit until maturity and a withdrawal will reduce earnings. APY is subject to change at any time at the Bank's discretion. Interest rate for fixed rate CDs will be paid until the maturity date. 

Please refer to the Personal Banking Pricing Schedule for additional account and fee information. Standard overdraft fees apply.

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