Our Approach

We Listen to Understand your Values and Expectations

Amegy Private Wealth Services delivers a distinct client experience characterized by:

Trust: We build upon the trust that the client places in their existing banking relationship and instill additional layers of confidence.  

Collaboration: We leverage the experienced PWS team to ensure all resources are made available to clients while fostering proactive communication between all internal and external stakeholders.

Objectivity: We have a disciplined focus to know our clients better than anyone else! We are objective client advocates who leverage all available resources and expertise to help our clients achieve their personal, family, and business goals.

The products and services offered by Amegy Private Wealth Services are available through either Amegy Bank N.A., Amegy Investments, Inc., or Amegy Insurance Agency, Inc. The specific wealth management service(s) and/or product(s) that a client is interested in will determine which Amegy affiliate makes them available, based on US laws and regulations. Investment management services are available through Amegy Bank N.A. Self-directed investment products and services and investment advisory services are available through Amegy Investments, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC, a registered broker dealer, investment advisor, licensed insurance agency and an affiliate of Amegy Bank N.A. Certain other insurance products and services are available through Amegy Insurance Agency, Inc., a licensed insurance agency and an affiliate of Amegy Bank N.A.