Investment Management Process

Your personal support team to reaching your goals

Amegy Bank's Investment Process has been uniquely developed with the long-term objective of maximizing retuns and reducing risk . Each step in this process, shown below, has a purpose and is critical in achieving the results you seek. Additionally, we recognize your personal and financial goals will evolve over time, so as you're faced with many difficult, complex financial decisions, we'll be here for you, working to grow, manage and preserve your wealth.


Our Capital Markets Outlook is determined by several factors.

  • Not all investments are the same, so tactical allocations can and should change.
  • Designed to tilt portfolio toward attractive asset classes within strictly defined parameters.
  • The outlook is determined by the combination of Investor Psychology, Market Liquidity, Relative Valuation and Qualitative Indicators.
  • Combination leads to five possible outcomes for equities versus fixed income:
  • 1) 20% Underweight 2) %10 Underweight 3) Neutral 4) %10 Overweight 5) %20 Overweight
  • Tactical allocation percentages are of the strategic asset class allocation.
  • Example: A Balanced Growth portfolio of 60% equities and 40% fixed income would have a tactical allocation of 66% equities and 34% fixed income in a 10% overweight environment.

Our investment professionals:

  • Are proactive and truly objective.
  • Offer only third-party products, versus proprietary investments.
  • Are driven by your needs, not what we have to sell.
  • Are focused on prospective after-tax and after-fee returns.
We can help grow, manage and preserve your wealth by:
  • Thoroughly understanding your overall wealth picture and the financial issues of greatest importance to you.
  • Developing appropriate asset allocation recommendations and proactive rebalancing.
  • Offering access to third-party top-tier investment managers, carefully selected and monitored for their disciplined process and long-term investment record.
  • Delivering detailed performance measurement and consolidated reporting.
  • Providing proactive service and education.

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