Real Estate/Oil & Gas Management

Maximize your investments

At Amegy Bank, we are committed to providing in-depth management services for your oil, gas and real estate assets to maximize your asset value. We can manage your commercial or residential assets, farm or ranch, or tracts of land. Additionally, whether you have non-operating working interests, non-participating royalty interests or are negotiating a mineral lease, we'll tailor our oil and gas services to meet your specific needs.

 Real Estate
 Oil & Gas
  • Ad Valorem Tax Administration
  • Insurance Administration
  • Leasing Services
  • Acquisitions/Dispositions
  • Real Estate Partnership Administration
  • Property Management
  • Note and Mortgage Administration
  • Title Resarch
  • Evaluation
  • Sales
  • Working Interest Management
  • Revenue Collection
  • Negotiations
  • Ad Valorem Tax Administration

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