Control Company Spending

With Amegy AmaZingTM Business Credit Cards

In today’s Internet-connected-on-the-go business climate business credit cards are a necessity. Buying online without a credit card is time consuming, and spending records aren’t delivered in the mail each month.

During a recent interview, Chuck Bowman, Amegy Bank’s Executive Vice President, Retail and Business Banking Division Manager listed a number of benefits to using company credit cards, along with a few tips to get company financials under control.

“Amegy offers small and mid-sized business owners several credit card options to help owners control and manage corporate spending,” Bowman explained. “Our series of AmaZing Cash® for Business, AmaZing Rate® for Business, and AmaZing Rewards® for Business provides the right tools to fit the way our clients conduct business.”  

Control Company Spending With Amegy Bank Credit Cards.

1. Choose a business credit card that pays you back. The sales team may need credit cards to take prospects to a business lunch or book a flight to a client’s office. The office manager may have to run to the local office superstore to refill the supply closet.                                

Bowman recommends Amegy’s AmaZing Cash for Business card to better manage company spending. “Our AmaZing Cash for Business card offers cardholders up to 2% back on select net credit card purchases,” Bowman stated. “Our team of credit professionals set up accounts that automatically deposit cash rewards each time the company reaches $100 in earned cash back”.

“All of Amegy’s business credit cards offer rewards or a low interest rate for business owners. However, these business credit cards charge no annual fees or fees for the extra rewards cardholders enjoy,” Bowman explained.

2. Choose the card that fits the way your company conducts business. With a dozen employees all making legitimate business charges on company-issued credit cards, your business can earn cash back or travel miles depending on what rewards deliver the most important benefits to your business.

Do your employees travel as part of their jobs? Do they visit clients and customers around the country and around the world? “Companies that engage in business travel will benefit from Amegy’s AmaZing Rewards for Business card,” Bowman stated.

These cards, available to businesses of all sizes, deliver one travel point for every dollar charged to an AmaZing Rewards for Business card. This points-based rewards program can be redeemed online or by telephone, lowering operational costs for traveling employees.  One of the biggest benefits of the rewards program is the simplicity.  There is no catalog, no specific airline and no blackout dates.  Users shop for whatever they want and use earned points for the purchase.

Other cost-cutting benefits of the AmaZing Rewards card from Amegy include:

  • no annual fee or rewards fee, saving your business even more operating capital;
  • a low interest rate to cut the costs of travel and the use of business credit;
  • an AmaZing Rewards annual bonus of up to 25% on annual card spending and net purchases credited to the business’ rewards point balance at the end of each year – another cost management tool to keep employees in touch with clients at a lower annual cost;
  • no limit on travel points earned, ideal for larger businesses with numerous employees on the road taking the business to new levels for less.

3. Cost savings through lower interest rates. Bowman recommends Amegy’s AmaZing Rate for Business card for smaller companies that carry balances on their company cards each month.

“Our AmaZing Rate for Business card is designed to meet the needs of small businesses, like sole proprietorships, that require a straightforward credit card that delivers cost savings through lower interest rates,” Bowman explained during a recent interview.

Other benefits of Amegy’s AmaZing Rate for Business credit cards include:

  • no annual fee;
  • a low annual interest rate to save money on credit card balances, enabling small business owners to do more with business revenues;
  • annual statements that break out costs by category – a time and money saver at tax time;
  • complete customization, enabling the program administrator within the company to set spending limits and even determine what kinds of purchases company card carriers can make;
  • generous credit limits as high as $250,000;
  • customized cards with a photo of each card carrier to help eliminate fraudulent charges. 
4. Review statements when they come in. Visa® Card Management or Fee Based IntelliLink for Business Cards are both reporting tools that include a series of web-based training seminars and customized integration that tracks and reports charges, and provides analytic services that provide business owners with the information needed to manage business expenses and credit card costs.

Using IntelliLink, business owners and credit card administrators can:

  • download and review the last six credit card statements;
  • review 25 months of credit card transactions at any time – on your schedule;
  • create expense reports for internal or external use;
  • review, edit and approve cardholder’s transactions more quickly;
  • access cash management reports online to more specifically track company spending activity
  • add or delete account users, upload company accounting codes, create default account mapping, and create automated email messaging directed at all cardholders within the company – all from the comfort of the company’s offices.
Businesses, large and small, need credit cards and the systems to analyze and track credit card use.

“Amegy’s commercial credit cards enable business owners to track and manage company spending wherever it occurs,” Bowman explained.

“That’s why we encourage business owners to contact their local Amegy Bank branch to meet with one of our knowledgeable business credit advisors.”

“These professionals are trained in best business practices and work with each individual business owner to select the right card for business activity, and to create systems and protocols that cut business costs and manage business expenses.” 

Visit your local Amegy Bank and set up more secure, simpler procedures for managing business finances from anywhere and on your schedule using the most productive commercial credit card from Amegy.  

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