Dual Authorization

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Dual Authorization?

  2. What types of transaction can be covered by Dual Auth?

  3. Is Dual Auth required?

  4. Does Dual Auth cost anything?

  5. How does it work?

  6. Can the initiating user’s credentials be used to approve the same transactions?

  7. Does an Approver also have to be a Customer System Administrator (CSA)?

  8. How is Dual Authorization different from Enhanced Account Protection (EAP)?

  9. Can I have more than two approvers?

  10. How does Dual Auth work in Mobile Banking?

  11. How do I sign up for Dual Authorization?

  12. How do I change which users have the ability to approve transactions?

  13. Is there a dollar limit for dual authorization?

  14. When the service is enabled, how will I know that it has been turned on and that “Approver” designation can be assigned?

  15. Is there any option to pick and choose which accounts would require Dual Authorization?