EMV/Chip Card

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is EMV?

  2. Why the change chip cards?

  3. How does chip cards work?

  4. Where are chip cards used today?

  5. When will I be able to get a chip card?

  6. How do I get a chip card?

  7. Is there a fee for ordering a chip card?

  8. If I am traveling outside of the U.S. before the chip card is available, can I still use my existing card?

  9. What type of fraud prevention is available with my card?

  10. Is my card considered "chip and signature" or "chip and PIN"?

  11. Can my chip card be used at contactless POS terminals?

  12. Will I still be required to sign for my card purchase?

  13. Can I use my existing PIN with my chip card?

  14. Can I use my chip card at an ATM?

  15. Are there any changes to my account other than adding a chip to my card?

  16. Do transactions using the chip take longer to process than magnetic stripe transactions?

  17. Are all chip terminals the same?

  18. Why is the payment experience different from store to store?

  19. Can I still swipe my card if I don’t want to use the chip?

  20. Will chip cards remove all fraud from credit and debit cards?