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Mobile Banking FAQ: Contact Us

  • Who do I call for help?

    For help with Online or Mobile Banking, please call 888-500-2960.

    If you are having technical issues with your phone or have questions about mobile data access or data charges on your phone bill, contact the customer service department of your mobile service provider.


  1. What steps does my bank take to help promote security in Mobile Banking?

  2. What if my mobile phone or device is lost or stolen?

  3. What can I do to help protect my personal information?

Signing In

  1. How do I start using Mobile Banking?

  2. Am I eligible for Mobile Banking?

  3. Can I use mobile banking outside the U.S.?

  4. How do I set up Passcode for Mobile Banking?

  5. How do I set up Touch ID for Mobile Banking?

  6. Does Touch ID prevent other users from getting into my account?

  7. If the device doesn’t recognize my fingerprint, can I still get into my account?

Mobile Banking Applications

  1. What Mobile Banking apps are available?

  2. What features are available with Mobile Banking?

  3. Is there a charge to use the Mobile Banking service?

  4. What is the difference between a mobile application and a mobile web browser?

  5. How do I update my Mobile Banking app version?

  6. Why should I keep my Mobile Banking app and my mobile device operating system updated?

  7. How do I change my Mobile Banking account nicknames?

Mobile Check Deposit

  1. What is mobile Check Deposit?

  2. How do I deposit a check?

  3. What happens after I submit my check deposit?

  4. Are there transaction limits with Mobile Deposit?

  5. Is there a bank fee to deposit my check with my mobile device?

  6. What types of checks can I deposit?

  7. What should I do with the physical check after it’s been deposited via Mobile Banking?

Account Transfers

  1. Can I transfer funds from my accounts on the Mobile Banking app?

  2. What if I suspect that my mobile device may have been used to make an unauthorized transfer from my bank account?

  3. How do I view or make edits to a pending or scheduled transfer?

Bill Pay

  1. How do I enroll for Bill Pay?

  2. Why don’t I see all my accounts listed in the ‘Pay From’ section?

  3. How do I cancel a scheduled payment?

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