Online Banking Wire Transfer

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can make a wire transfer through Online Banking?

  2. How do I enable the Wire Transfers service in Online Banking?

  3. Where can I find the Wire Application and Agreement for Online Banking?

  4. What is Enhanced Account Protection (EAP), who must use it, and why is it needed?

  5. Do Business Online Banking customers have the option of using Dual Authorization?

  6. What types of wire transfers can I make through Online Banking?

  7. Can I make a Federal Tax Wire Payment through Online Banking?

  8. When will I have access to send a wire in Online Banking?

  9. How many wire transfers can I make in Online Banking?

  10. What is the amount I can wire in Online Banking?

  11. Can I set a lower Online Banking transfer limit?

  12. What is the fee to process an Online Banking wire transfer?

  13. Where can I find the wires functionality in Online Banking?

  14. What if I already have an agreement in place with the Bank for sending wires by other means (e.g., by calling the Central Wires Department)?