Payroll Solutions

Streamline your employee payroll procedures

At Amegy Bank of Texas, we've partnered with Alliance Payroll Services to bring you a payroll processing solution designed to streamline your operations and save you valuable time.


Two different payroll processing options depending on your company’s needs. Small companies may only need the ability to fax, email or call in their payroll information, while large companies may require the ability to submit payroll information via computer. Receive an online quote from Alliance Payroll Service, Inc.

Tax Filing

All tax payments are made automatically by Alliance Payroll Services and are guaranteed to be correct or Alliance will pay all penalties and interest. No more worrying about making your tax payment on time.

Employee Self Service

Provide your employees with the ability to view their payroll information on the web. With Employee Self Service, your employees have secure 24/7 web access to view paycheck stubs, deduction details, direct deposit information, demographic information and more.

Time & Attendance

A simple, web-based time and attendance package allows employees to clock in using a time clock, kiosk or personal computer. Its seamless integration with Alliance’s payroll processing software eliminates errors and reduces the processing cycle. You can also automatically email activity reports to supervisors each morning.

For additional information on these time-saving payroll solutions, visit the Alliance Payroll Services website at

Receive an online quote from Alliance Payroll Services, Inc.