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What type of receivables are acceptable?

Just about any valid business-to-business invoice for services performed or product delivered.

What is required before an invoice may be funded?

Your customer must be creditworthy and your product or service must be completed, delivered and accepted by that customer.

Does the factor bill on our letterhead or yours?

You continue to bill normally. Checks may be made payable to you but mailed to the factor.

Are government receivables acceptable?

Yes. Factors handle a considerable amount of government or municipal-related receivables.

What will my customers think?

Your customers will think that you have the full support of a federally insured bank, Amegy Bank.

What does it cost?

With the Amegy Bank of Texas progam you control the fees. Typically, the cost will range from 1% to 3% depending on when the invoice is collected.

Must I agree to finance a minimum volume of future receivables?

No. Finance one invoice or as many as you need to meet your cash flow needs. Stop when you wish or continue as needed.

Can we qualify with a history of credit problems (i.e. bankruptcy, IRS liens or judgements)?

Yes. That's another advantage of utilizing this service. Factors often make arrangements with the IRS or the courts.

Can we qualify if we already have an existing credit line or SBA loan?

Yes. Factors can complement and work in cooperation with your existing lenders.

What type of application is required?

Amegy Bank requires a simple, two-page application and can begin to provide cash assistance to a business within 7 to 10 working days.