Remote Deposit Capture Migration

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is the bank moving to a new Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) system?

The bank is moving to a new RDC system that provides greater flexibility in meeting our clients’ needs. The new system offers greater functionality, supports more browsers than just Internet Explorer, and supports Mac OS. The additional functionality includes the ability to capture remittance documents (including coupons size and full page) using a scanner or mobile device (Android or iOS).  

Will users download the new RDC software to a PC?

No, access to the new RDC system will only be available via login to an internet site. A URL will be provided that will take the user to a bank-branded webpage login screen. In the future, there will be a link in Treasury Gateway (TG) where users can access the webpage via their TG User ID and password.     

Will users continue to enter their current login credentials used for Treasury Gateway (TG)?

Yes, when single sign-on functionality is available in the coming months. Prior to single sign-on, users will enter their current TG User ID with an added prefix along with a temporary password. The prefix and temporary password will be provided by the bank prior to migration. Additionally, prior to single sign-on availability, a link will be provided in the “Additional Services” section of TG that retrieves the new RDC system login page. Users will enter the prefixed User ID and temporary password (if logging in for the first time) when using this link. 

If a company is using the Desktop Client software downloaded on a PC, will the current login credentials still be used to access the new system?

No, users will enter a combination of their current User ID with a prefix along with a temporary password provided by the bank. They will then be prompted to change the password at first log in.

Will users be required to delete the current RDC software loaded on their PC when they start using the new RDC software?

No, users will be able to leave their current RDC software in place initially. However, it will need to be deleted at some point in the future. Users will not be able to submit deposits using the old RDC software, but they can still perform research on data and images up until the retention period expires. The retention period for WebClient or Server Side Reporting (SSR) is 14 days for images and 90 days for data. For Desktop Client, the retention period is based on current settings within the Desktop Client application.   

Will existing scanners work with the new RDC system?

Yes, we expect a user’s existing scanner to work with the new RDC system since the new system supports Digital Check scanners. The new system supports many other scanner models as well. If by chance a user does not have a Digital Check scanner, it is likely the model scanner they have will work with the new system. Contact a bank representative if a new scanner is needed. The bank has arranged for clients to acquire a new RDM scanner at a discounted price.

Will current deposit data and images be moved to the new RDC system?

No, current deposit history will not be migrated to the new system. Users will be able to access the historical data in the current system up until the retention period expires (14 days for images and 90 days for data).

What type of confirmation is received for deposits made via RDC?

Deposit confirmation email notifications can be sent to multiple recipients as in the current system. The confirmation notice content will change and not include the account name or masked account number.  The notice will contain a Deposit Control Number (DCN) that links the notice to the deposit detail information in the system.

Can deposit information on the RDC software be transferred to a receivable software?

The RDC system provides users the ability to download deposit data in CSV format. Users can download the information and modify the data format to map the deposit information into their receivable software. 

What security controls are provided?

User credentials are established within the system leveraging multi-level authentication methods.  Access to the system requires a User ID, password, and correctly answering a security question. The first time the User logs into the system, they are required to select and provide the answer to five security questions from a list provided in the system. One of the questions will be presented from time to time when logging into the system.      

How is RDC installed?

Users will access the system using a URL provided by the bank. The URL will retrieve a bank-branded login webpage. After establishing credentials upon initial log in, users will be prompted to register the scanner in the system. A getting started guide will be provided to walk through the steps to register the scanner. The user must have administration rights on the PC and configure browser settings to allow the application to function properly. There is no RDC application software to download to the PC. The user will need to download scanner drivers to be able to connect the scanner to the RDC software.  

How long does it take to get the new RDC system set up?

The initial set up process typically takes about 30 minutes. 

Will custom data field names remain the same as in the current system?

The system is configured with default field names that are used by most of the bank’s current clients. If the field labels do not meet what is required, a custom template can be created to include the label name needed.

What is the maximum number of items that can be deposited?

The RDC Business service can process 50 items per deposit. The RDC Treasury service is capable of processing up to 500 items per deposit. If a deposit exceeds the limit noted for each service type, a new batch/deposit will automatically be created starting with the next check. 

Is there a limit to how many accounts a single client/user can have set up on RDC?

There is not a limit on the number of accounts that can be set up.

What is the latest time that a deposit can be submitted to have it post same day?

Deposits can be submitted until 9:30 p.m. Mountain Time for same-day ledger credit to the account. 

How long are the check images available?

The images are available for viewing online for the current month plus the previous 24 months. RDC also allows images to be downloaded and stored on a company’s internal archive.