Cyber Crime Protection

The Layered Defense Approach

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Facing Fruad Today

Get familiar with the common schemes and their cost.

The Layered Defense Approach

Implement four pillars to help protect your organization from multiple angles.


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Fraud-Fighting Tools

Amegy Bank works with your business to provide products and services that can help address numerous fraud risks.


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Everyday Behaviors Cost North American Companies Roughly $3.5 Billion Annually

CyberSource® 2013 Online Fraud Report


Fighting Fraud Is Everyone's Responsibility

Please take the time to review your Amegy Bank account and service agreements. They include both customer protections (like Visa's Zero LiabilityTM program) and responsibilities. For example, under your Treasury Management Master Services Agreement, you are responsible for your Internal Security Controls and all instructions we receive with your Access Credentials even if not actually sent by you.


You should discuss cyber theft with your insurance provider to determine if it makes sense to your organization.