Take a Layered Defense Approach

A growing number of daily business operations and banking functions are now completed online. And because fraud attacks can come from an ever-increasing number of sources, organizations must establish multiple layers of safeguards, otherwise known as, The Layered Defense Approach.

The Layered Defense Approach consists of the four key security measures that all organizations should implement. When implemented effectively, the LDA helps mitigate a business’ risk of becoming a fraud victim. The four pillars are an industry standard for cyber security.

4 Pillars of the Layered Defense Approach:

  1. Robust, yet easily managed Fraud Monitoring
  2. Multi-Level Authentication to validate and restrict access to your accounts
  3. Secured Web Browsing with deep online coverage
  4. An Adaptive Security Platform that's customizable to your business

Begin Building Your Layered Defense Approach Before Your Business is Affected.