Online Security Center

Establish Effective Security Habits


  • Be wary of requests for information and never agree to send money or private data without confirming the legitimacy of the requestor.
  • Protect sensitive information by shredding pre-approvals for credit cards, destroying cards you no longer use and keeping identification documents stored someplace safe.
  • Lock down your logins by creating difficult passwords that you change frequently and don’t share with others.
  • Keep antivirus software updated to limit your exposure to malware during everyday online activities.
  • Monitor your cards by reviewing your transactions frequently and keeping physical track of your payment cards.


  • Develop anti-fraud office procedures to track high risk financial processes with internal controls.
  • Implement dual-authorization by requiring at least two approvals for high risk transactions like wire transfers and checks.
  • Protect sensitive information on your computers by restricting data access to essential employees only and by keeping the latest antivirus software installed.
  • Keep employee logins safe by enforcing strict password criteria and updating frequently.
  • Educate your staff about phishing schemes and malware.


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Decrease your risk for mail fraud with an online tool that tracks bill due dates, sends payments immediately and automatically debits your account.


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