IBM® ​Security Trusteer Rapport ​Software

Boost Your Defenses Against Online Fraud

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Trusteer Rapport is a security software application that provides online identity theft and online transaction protection for consumers. Running transparently in the background, Trusteer Rapport does not require you to change the way you work or sign into these websites. It also does not require any configuration or maintenance; you simply install and browse as you normally would.


Trusteer Rapport Is Design To:

  • Help shield your online banking information from prying eyes;
  • Help safeguard your identity;
  • Help protect your personal and private information, even if your PC is infected;
  • Help prevent malware from tampering with your transaction or stealing information; and
  • Continuously update to guard against new malicious software.

Trusteer Rapport works with your antivirus and firewall software but will not replace these valuable tools. Trusteer Rapport's innovative technology is designed to pick up where conventional security software fails. To learn more about Trusteer Rapport, please visit the IBM® Security's Trusteer Rapport website.


See Trusteer Rapport Frequently Asked Questions.


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