Trust Services

Our Fiduciary Services Team is dedicated to the management of trusts and estates as well as other family wealth entities. As a Trustee/Executor or Agent for Trustee/Executor, we work with our clients to preserve and protect their assets utilizing efficient methods of transfer and assisting them in creating a personalized legacy.



Services Provided

  • Trust Administration services including serving as a Corporate Trustee, Cotrustee or as an Agent for an Individual Trustee
  • Trust and estate planning expertise with professionals who understand the regulatory, legal and tax implications of trusts and estate planning
  • A holistic approach to estate planning with the client’s advisory team to understand the goals and solutions for an overall financial strategy
  • Comprehensive fiduciary investment management and administrative services tailored to the needs of the client
  • Access to unique asset management such as real estate and oil/gas
  • Executor, Coexecutor and Agent for Executor services as part of the estate administration services
  • Philanthropic services including investment and services for nonprofit organizations, foundations and charitable trusts



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