Stay Competitive in the Global Arena

Your company can realize the benefits of proactive foreign exchange management by collaborating with our knowledgeable and experienced foreign exchange professionals.  If you have cross border flows as part of your regular business, intentional management of your foreign currency exposure, benefits could be

  • Enhanced protection against currency appreciation or depreciation
  • Preservation of international business revenues
  • Broad range of risk mitigation services
  • Stronger negotiating power with international suppliers and customers
  • Improved accessibility to new overseas markets for business growth
  • Intentional management of FX rates



Full-Service FX Trading Desk

eFX+ Online Trading Portal

eFX+ is Amegy Bank’s innovative online foreign exchange trading portal. It provides access to real-time foreign exchange rates and enables customers to quickly and efficiently complete their company’s foreign exchange transactions. The robust capabilities offered by eFX+ can be customized to meet your company’s needs for managing foreign exchange risk in real time. 

The System provides:

  • Streaming FX rates for Spot, Forward and Swaps
  • Direct Trader Intervention rate quotes for large trades & exotic currencies
  • Bulk pricing and batch deal trade entry for multiple currency transactions
  • Approval setting for both single and bulk transactions
  • Seven user-authority levels to meet internal control requirements
  • File upload capability
  • Batch trading capability
  • Bank-validated standing settlement instructions
  • SS 128-bit encryption system security
  • Automated email notification to beneficiaries of outgoing payments
  • Single sign-on access through Amegy Bank Treasury Gateway
  • Independent management and setup of Users by Client Administrator
  • Flexible transaction reporting
  • Daily market commentary updated on the eFX+ dashboard
  • Receive on-demand confirmations, reporting, view balances and initiate individual foreign currency wires

Spot FX trades in 100+ currencies

Foreign Receivables

FX Hedging Solutions

Retain control with the right hedging tools

Your company works hard and has built a reputation for quality products and excellent service. You have expanded into international markets.

You have great local partners who help with the nuances of customs and languages in those markets. You discover the best clients. You negotiate the best deals. You’ve even gone so far as to offer to price the transaction in their currency, to make the deal more acceptable to the new client. You leave nothing to chance.

FX markets are very volatile. That payment in local currency worth $100,000 today may be worth less (or more) when received in 90 or 180 days. What can you do to assure that all that hard work really pays off?

Control your top and bottom line

By hedging the risks arising from pricing your transaction in foreign exchange, you can better achieve your top line revenue goals, as well as manage your operating margins. The proper FX hedge can help mitigate the FX risks, making that foreign transaction seem very much like the ones you do in the United States.

In fact, by accepting local currency pricing, you may be able to enhance your bottom line, whether that’s by agreeing to a sales price worth more when translated into US Dollars, or getting cheaper prices for those foreign sourced components.

Use the right tools

Regardless of the underlying commercial transaction, there are a number of FX products and services available to assist in hedging foreign exchange financial risks. Hedging the FX market risk lets you manage the technical and commercial aspects of your business. Consult your FX Advisor to create a hedging strategy customized to address your needs and provide the protection your company deserves.

These include:

  • Traditional Forwards
  • Window Forwards
  • Non-Deliverable Forwards
  • Foreign Exchange Swaps
  • FX Options