It is impossible to think of the Texas economy without thinking of the energy industry and its importance. From our inception 27 years ago with $50 million in assets to nearly $3 billion today, Amegy Bank has always had an affinity for the men and women who own or operate energy and oilfield service companies … the entrepreneurial, “can do” spirit is a part of us as well.

Amegy Bank's Energy Group currently has $4 billion in commitments to over 270 companies in the industry and serves as a resource for innovative financial solutions and support with offices in Houston, Dallas and Denver. 

The Energy Group, which has a strong presence with middle-market companies, has also been able to bring innovative technological applications that support the operations of some of the largest energy companies in the U.S. That’s not surprising with a team that has over 170 combined years of experience working with – and for – energy companies, in the energy business and energy finance. 

The oil and gas industry and great banking relationships – two things that are very important to us.

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