Mortgage Loan Servicing

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As a mortgage client, we are here to provide any support you need for your mortgage loan.

Plus, at Amegy Bank, we offer online account access to our clients to view basic information and to service your loan. 




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For Loans Serviced by Amegy Bank:

Payments by Phone

To make your mortgage payment by phone, call toll-free 855-501-3036 and follow the prompts to make a payment.

Payments by Mail


Send payment and coupon to:
Attn: Cash Operations RC103
425 Phillips Blvd
Ewing, NJ 08618
Toll-free: (855) 501-3036



Send payment and coupon to:
PO Box 11733 
Newark, NJ 07101-4733

Automatic Draft Payments

Sign up for our free automatic draft payment option. We’ll set up your monthly mortgage payment on automatic draft from your bank account. You’ll also have the option to include an additional principal payment amount to the draft each month. Download our automatic draft (payment) authorization form.

Please print, complete, and mail/email to the address listed on the form.

Until you receive a confirmation letter stating that your automatic draft payment is set up, please continue to make payments in the same manner as you do today.