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Consumer Loan Questions

Which loan is right for me?

Next to each of the loans is a “Learn More” button which includes information which will help you determine which loan is best for you. If you need further assistance please contact one of our personal bankers at a banking center close to you or call our TeleLoan Center at 888-294-7833 and speak directly to an underwriter.

When and where will I close the loan?

If the loan request is approved an officer/personal banker will notify you of the next steps. There may be additional information required such as valid identification, evidence of employment, tax returns, income information, automobile title, property insurance information, etc. Please rest assured, we will walk you through every step.

As soon as all necessary information is obtained and verified your officer will help you determine a time, date, and location convenient to you to close the loan.

How long does the application process take?

Depending on the loan type and if you have a co-applicant, the application process will take between 4 and 15 minutes. In some cases the credit decision will be made within a few minutes. In other cases it could take up to one business day.

If the loan is not approved you will receive a letter in the mail stating the reason(s) for the decline.

What questions will be asked?

After you choose the loan type that fits your needs you will be asked several questions.

  • What will you use as collateral? Ex. your home, car, RV or a personal signature loan
  • Who will be applying? Will there be a co-applicant?
  • What is your address and where do you work?
  • What is your income? You may be asked about other assets and other payment obligations.
  • In some instances you may be asked government monitoring questions regarding race, gender and marital status. You may elect not to provide this information.

If you accept the terms of the application and have correctly answered all the required questions, Amegy Bank will process your application. In some instances you will receive an immediate credit decision. If not, instructions will be given to obtain your loan status the next business day. Loan disclosures will be mailed to you, if applicable.

How does auto debit work?

If you apply for a loan and set the payments for auto debit you may qualify for additional discounts, depending on the loan type. The auto debit discount only applies if you have a checking account with Amegy Bank.

Can I check on the status of my loan?

Yes. Click on Check the Status of My Loan.

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Loan Type Information

Personal Loans

CD Secured Loan
A personal loan can help pay for household goods, unexpected expenses, or any personal need with a scheduled repayment term. Secured by your personal CD/Savings account. 

  • Borrower dollar for dollar
  • Amegy Bank of Texas CD’s only

Personal Unsecured Loan
Let Amegy Bank help you with a personal signature loan to help pay for debt consolidation, unexpected expenses, or any other personal need. An unsecured loan allows you to borrow without collateral. Your loan amount will be based on your income and ability to repay. 

  • Amegy auto debit discount of .25%
Real Estate Loan

Home Equity Line of Credit
A Home Equity Credit Line allows you to borrow against the equity in your home. The purpose may be for many reasons, ie. unanticipated expenses, financial emergencies, college tuition, just to name a few. The line is easily accessible by contacting your officer for the advance. The minimum draw request is $4,000. If you fully advance the balance of the loan and then pay the line down, you will be able to advance again.


  • Low, competitive interest rate
  • Variable interest rate
  • Interest only monthly during the draw period
  • No interest charged until you advance the line
  • Possible tax advantage. Make sure you consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of interest.
  • No closing cost up to $100,000


The Underwriter will explain further requirements for this loan product.


If you are looking for a fixed loan amount and term, a Home Equity Loan or a Home Refinance Loan may be better suited for you.

Vehicle Loans

Automobile Loan
Finance your new or used automobile and get up to 100% financing, including tax, title, licensing and approved warranty contracts.

  • Low, competitive interest rate
  • Amegy auto debit discount of .25%
  • Vehicles up to 7 years old

Recreational Vehicle Loan (includes recreational vehicles, travel trailers, boats)
Amegy Bank can help you enjoy your favorite outdoor recreational activities with easy flexible financing of one of these products.

  • Low, competitive interest rate
  • Amegy auto debit discount of .25%