• Want even quicker access[cite::1112::cite] on your smartphone? Setup a 4-digit passcode to quickly sign on and view your accounts without having to enter your full login information. The passcode feature can be turned on by accessing the Settings options within the mobile app. 
  • For iPhone® users (model 5s and higher), account access can be even faster with Touch ID and Face ID - enable on the Amegy Mobile Banking app upon login
  • Setup travel notifications— Use our app to notify us of your travel plans and help prevent your credit or debit card from being blocked while traveling
  • Deposit checks[cite::1113::cite]
  • Check account balances
  • Pay bills
  • Move your money digitally with direct deposit, automatic withdrawals and Zelle® payments[cite::1007::cite]
  • Pay or advance on your Amegy® loan and credit card
  • View account statements, notices, and tax documents online with eDocuments
  • Transfers funds between eligible Amegy accounts, including future dated transfers and friend-to-friend transfers
  • Search recent account activity
  • Find the nearest Amegy banking centers and ATMs


Download the App for Smartphones and Tablets

  • Go to the Apple App Store®, Google Play, Amazon App Store for Android, or from your mobile device and search "Amegy Mobile Banking"[cite::1114::cite]
  • Visit Amegy's mobile banking site, m.amegybank.com/business